Thirukkandiyur – Sri Hara Saabha Vimocchana Perumal Temple, Trichy


பிண்டி ஆர் ஏந்தி பிறர் மனை திரிதந்து உண்ணும்
முண்டியான் சாபம் தீர்த்த ஒருவன் ஊர் உலகம் ஏத்தும்
கண்டியூர் அரங்கம் மெய்யம் கச்சி பேர் மல்லை என்று
மண்டினார் உய்யல் அல்லால் மற்றையார்க்கு உய்யல் ஆமே?



The temple of this sthalam is 222 feet in length and 115 feet broad in the breadth.
Lord Shiva, also known as Kandeeswarar, who got the salvation from the curse of Brahmmahathi Dhosham because of plucking the fifth head of Lord Bramha Devar. This is the sacred place that relieved Lord Shiva from his dosham. Hence, all the dhosams being faced by devotees will disappear if they come and pray here in kandiyur, where the lord is blessing as Hara Shaba Vimoshana Perumal with consort Pooranavalli Thayar, who is also worshipped as Kamalavalli Nachiar. The Temple Vimanam is Kamalakruthi Vimanam. Lord Shiva has five faces praised as Eeshan, Thathpurush, Aghoran, Vamadevan and Satyojathan. Lord Brahmma too had five faces earlier. Therefore, he had pride that he was equal to Lord Shiva. Once when he went to see Lord Shiva to Kailayam, Goddess Parvathi without seeing the face and being with five faces, thought he was Lord Shiva and started to perform Paatha Pooja to Brahma. Having a pride Lord Brahma kept quiet. At that time Lord Shiva arrived and by seeing all the happenings, He got angry and simply plucked the centre head of Brahma, by which he got affected with Brammahatthi Dhosham. When he pinched the fifth head of Lord Brahma and the head got stuck along with Shiva’s hand as well he lost all his wealth. The head stuck to his hand and did not fall down. Lord Shiva, to wash off the Brahmmahathi Dhosam went around to many temples with the head of Brahma
At last, Lord Shiva on his pilgrimage trip to find the salvation from the curse by begging for food, with Brahma’s skull as the begging vessel. Every time when someone filled the vessel with food, it vanished immediately to Shiva’s horror. Finally on reaching Uthamar Koil worshipped as Thirukarambanur Divyadesam, Goddess Lakshmi filled the vessel with food ending Shiva’s hunger. However, to Shiva’s dismay, Brahmma’s Skull still lay fixed on his hand and he was then directed to Thirukandiyur.
It is believed that Lord Shiva prayed to Goddess Kamalavalli and the vishnu at Thirukandiyur and attained salvation. Finally, the head fell down at this place and vanished when the lord Vishnu gave him prathyaksham here. Since, Brahma’s Sabham was warned ( Kandanam – Warning ) here this place is being called as Kandiyur. As lord granted relief from the curse – Shaba Vimoshanam to Lord Shiva – Haran , lord vishnu is being worshipped Hara Shaba Vimoshanar. Hara – Shiva, Shabam – Curse, Vimoshanam – Relief from Curse.
Lord Shiva has a temple here and is praised as Kandeeswarar. The place has the reputation of being honored as Mummoorthy( Three Lords ) Sthalam. Since there is no temple for Brahmma, He has His place in Kandeeswarar temple gracing with Mother Maha Saraswathi. The Lord of the temple is praised by Saint Thirumangai Azhwar in his Mangalasasanam hymns. The noteworthy feature is that all three Lords Brahmma, Vishnu and Shiva grace the devotees together in Thirukandiyur. The temple is also knownas Pancha Kamala Kshetram. Hara Shaba Vimochana Perumal is blessing here in Standing Posture and is also worshipped as Brighunathar and Balinathar. Utsava Murthy is being worshipped as Kamalanathan and Thayar is blessing as Kamalavalli Nachiyar.
According to the scriptures, the temple was built by Emperor Mahabali and is located between Kudamurutti and Vennar Rivers. It has a three-tiered Rajagopuram facing East with two prakarams. After Garudamandapam and Mahamandapam, Devotees can worship Harasapa Vimoshana Perumal in Standing Posture. The temple pushkarini Kapala Moksha Pushkarani is on the western side of the temple. Just opposite to it is the Padma Theertham alias Mahabali Theertham, there is shrines for Lord Narasimhar, Sudharsanar, Sree Andal, and the Azhwars in outer prakaram. Kamalavalli Nachiyar is blessing in the separate shrine

The Brahmotsavam festival is being celebrated in Tamil Month of Panguni. The temple is considered anterior even to Srirangam Divyadesam, as it was in existence during the Kritha Yuga. Kandiyur has the distinction of being one among two sets of temples one of the Saptha Sthaanam Temples and one of the Ashta Veerattana Sthalams – temples where Shiva has shown his power by overcoming someone. Here, at Kandiyur, he crushed the ego of Brahma Devar by plucking off his fifth head. Hence being worshipped as Brahma Shira Kandeeswarar. Hence the name Kandiyur. Ambal here is Mangalambigai. Kannadi Pallakku is very auspecious and famous. Penance here for 48 Days and lighting 48 Agal Vilakku for 48 Days, Devotees’ all shabams and poorva janma karmas can be overcome.

The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Hara Saabha Vimocchanapperumal. Moolavar in Nindra (Standing) position facing East directipn. Prathyaksham for Agathiya Munivar.
Kamala valli Thaayar.
Utsavar :
Sri Kamalanathan.
4. Chakratalwar
5. Lakshmi Narasimar
6. Vedantha Desikar
• Thirumangai Alwar – 1 Paasuram.
Total – 1
5. Kabaala Moksha Pushkarani.
6. Padma Theertham.
7. Kabaala Theertham.
8. Kudamurutti Nadhi.
Kamalakkruthi Vimaanam.
Temple is located about 11 KM from Thanjavur on the way toThiruvayaru.Temple is at the road side near bus stop


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