Thiru Anbil – Sri Vadivazhagiya Nambi Perumal Temple, Trichy

thiruanbil01நாகத்து அணை குடந்தை வெஃகா திரு எவ்வுள்

நாகத்து அணை அரங்கம் பேர் அன்பில் நாகத்து

அணை பார் கடல் கிடக்கும் ஆதி நெடுமால்

அணைப்பார் கருதான் ஆவான்

Thiru Anbil is also known as Premapuri, and is one of the divya desams in Chola Nadu. This place is regarded as a Divya Desam by both Vaishnavites and Saivites. The western part of Anbil, refered to as Mel Anbil, is known as Vishnu Sthalam, while the eastern part, refered to as Keezh Anbil, is the Siva sthalam. Anbil is also known by the names of Tirumaalayanturai, Mandookapuri, and Bhrahmapuri.

Located on the North Bank of the river Kollidam this temple is situated on approximately 1.5 acres (6,100 m2) of land. The east-facing temple is entered through a 3 tiered Raja-gopuram (main roofs in Hindu). This temple is referred to by a pasuram of Tirumazhisai Alwar where he addresses seven shrines featuring Vishnu in a reclining position – Tirukkudandai, Tiruvegkaa, Tiruvallur, Tiruvarangam, Tiruppernagar, Anbil and Tirupparkadal and hence is a Divya Desam. King Sundara Chola who ruled the area was a devotee of this lord and since he saw innumerable victories in wars he showered a lot of wealth on this temple. The lord is believed to have appeared before Brahma and Valmiki here.

Once when Manduga Maharishi was in penance under water. Saint Dhuruvaasar waited for him on the water shore for a long time. Since Mandoogar has not turned up, Dhuruvaasar cursed him to become a frog. To get relieved from the curse Saint Mandoogar and to regain his human form, Mandoogar came to this place and did penance towards the ALMIGHTY. He observed the penance for here 48 days and at the end he had a bath in the temple tank. Lord Maha Vishnu at last gave Prathaksham before him and whipped off the curse given by Dhurvaasar and made Mandugar to regain his form. Hence the temple tank is being worshipped as Mandooga Theertham and earler the temple itself was worshipped as Mandoogapuri. Once when Thirumezhisai Alwar came here to worship Paranthaman, he was teased to a great extent by the people. He thought of teaching them a lesson and sung a song on the ALMIGHT to appear on him and make the people know that he is the adherent devotee. Lord Vishnu came out of Alwar and appeared here as Vadhivazhagiya Nambi and showed the devotion of Thirumazhisai.


Lord Shiva’s Curse by Brahma Devar – In continuation to the Legend of Uthamarkoil Divyadesam, Lord Shiva was to find salvation from Brahmma’s curse, Shiva went on a pilgrimage begging for food, with Brahmma’s skull as the begging bowl. Every time someone filled the vessel with food, Lord Shiva found to his horror that it vanished immediately. At Uthamarkoil Goddess Lakshmi as Poornavalli Thayar filled the vessel with food and made an end to Shiva’s hunger. However Brahmma’s skull was fixed on his hand. Lord Shiva is said to have worshipped this place Thiru Anbil from Uthamar Koil before going to Thirukandiyur.

This Anbil Sthalam is closely related to great creators. This whole world was created by Lord Brahma and Valmiki Maharishi is great Saint (Muni) and has lots of good thoughts built-in. Both these two persons are very good examples of creating good things and dedicating it to this mighty world.

Based on the Kalyana gunam (Character) and Thiru Vadivam (shape) of Sriman Narayanan, they created good things and presented to the world. Behind this good creation, is the love (or) Anbu in Tamil on God. So, this sthalam is calle as “Anbil”.

To all the creative people, all the things they see looks good and beautiful. Like the same way, the God here is Vadivazhagiya Nambi and Thaayar is Azhagiyavalli Naachiyar showing Shundhara – Sorobha Dharshanam.

Sundaram means “beautiful” and “good looking” and Soroobham means the body. Since, the Perumal and Thaayar are said to Good looking and beautiful, it is said the beauty of them attracts all of His bhakthaas.

Anbae Kadavul, Anbae Azhaghu, Anbae Ulagam, Anbae Gnyanam and Anbae Padaippu

This is quote told here and the explanation is “God is love, Beauty is Love, Love is the world, Love is the Gnayanam and Love is the creator. And all these beautiful issues indicates how beauty the Perumal is.


The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Vadivazhagiya Nambi. Moolavar in Kidantha Kolam and in Bhujanga sayanam and facing East direction.
Prathayaksham for Lord Brahma and Vaalmiki.

The Thayaar of this Sthalam is Azhagiya valli Naachiyaar.


  • Thirumazhisai Alwar – 1
    Total – 1


  1. Mandooga Pushkarani – Kollidam.

Thaaraga Vimanam. Lots of sculptures found here.


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